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It is strongly forbidden to spam or perform any illegal activity from our proxies

All our back-connect proxies are third-party proxies which are sourced from all various sources. We do not operate a botnet, perform any form of port scanning and neither do we use hijacked computers for the proxy service

Please be advised and warned that our back-connect proxies are all sourced from third party free/commercial proxy sources many of which might be potentially malicious. DO NOT use these proxies to access any website that contains your personal information such as Facebook, Twitter, Email account etc. We cannot be held liable for any breach of personal information if you ignore this warning!. These back-connect proxies are ONLY meant to be used for general data extraction/scraping and SEO needs.

We do not tolerate the use of the proxies for any illegal activities such as hacking, spamming, exploits, DDOS etc. We require IP authentication and we keep logs. If you violate our AUP and use the proxies for illegal activities, your IP will be reported to Law enforcement agencies By subscribing for our services, you agree that you will respect our AUP.

Please be informed that our proxies are third-party proxies and are properly authenticated and therefore we do not offer any guarantee that they will work flawlessly for your intended use. Don't expect 100% success rate because these are not exclusive proxies and be aware that the success of the proxies depends on your target site or resource. With our proxies you will be able to use unlimited connections/threads and get a very huge connection success rate per month at the cheapest price you can ever imagine.

All fraudulent activities with our proxies will be investigated and reported to Law Enforcement agencies.

We do NOT offer any refunds once your account have been activated. Please request for a free 1 hr unlimited test before placing your order. You can request for 1 hr free trial in real-time by contacting us via Skype: dynamiczone360. By subscribing for our services, you agree that you will respect our AUP.

ALL forms of unsolicited bulk mailing or spamming is striclty forbidden with our proxies. Note that our proxy service is not a service to help bulk mail senders. If your IP is reported for SPAM or any illegal activities, your account will be suspended instantly without any refunds!.

If you happen to encounter any problems regarding our service don't hesitate to contact us via our support center or via Email

All proxies we offer are highly available and online 24/7 but without any 100% uptime guarantee. You may experience some rare occasional downtime when using the service

We do not perform automatic account activation after you place your order. Your account will only be activated after we receive your IP for authentication. You will be notified of the details of the proxies order by email.

Although our service model is based on unlimited threads for a flat monthly fee, fair use policy applies and we reserve the right to block malicious or senseless threads at any time. We recommend no more than 100 threads at any instant with our proxies. Please use the proxies sensibly.